1. Is Free Dating In really free?
Yes, it is really free
2. Do you charge me to receive messages?
No, we don't
3. I bet you charge me to read the messages?
No, we don't
4. Then you must charge me to reply to messages?
5. Ok, what about sending a message to someone I fancy?
No, that's free too
6. Do you charge me if I arrange to meet someone?
No, we don't
7. OK I'm a bit of a snob and I like to stand out from the crowd and I don't mind paying for that, can you help me?
Yes we can we have, by popular demand created a VIP area
8. So you do charge then?
We offer 100% FREE unlimited messaging to everyone, but if you are looking for something more exclusive we also have a special OPTIONAL VIP area that will help you stand out from the crowd.
9. Will you pay for drinks and dinner on my date?
Well now you are just being silly. We don't charge you anything at all - "No Charges Ever", remember - but we do expect you or your date to pick up the tab if you meet for coffee, bagels, drinks dinner or indeed want to become a VIP
10. So let me get this straight, the site is completely free then?
Yes, now you're getting it!
11. Can I access the site on my mobile?
Of course you can, we have a FREE IOS APP and the site itself works on smartphones, desktops, tablets and even laptops for those who still use them…!